South Park themed slot game

We we're quite excited to hear that Net Ent we're releasing a South Park themed slot game and quite frankly my inner child has never been happier. This might be one for the original fans of the animated TV hit South Park, but even if you're not you'll still find yourself in fits over all the features that will probably lead you to think, is this even allowed?

Fortunately for us, yes it is. Net Ent have done a great job of capturing whatever it was that made the TV show great and made a slot game out of the same ingredients. As long as you're OK with a bit of crude humour you'll love South Park and with a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 96.7%, it ticks most of the right boxes. With 5 reels, 25 paylines and a maximum jackpot of 625,000 you'll quickly find yourself subconsciously switching to South Park just because it's that fun!

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The Bonus features have been packed into this game wherever Net Ent could. A total of 8, that's right, eight bonus features are available ranging from free spins to separate bonus games all together.

The normal Wild substitution is a pretty basic feature in this slot game. It replaces everything else except for Bonus symbols and will always take the form of whichever symbol you need to get the highest payout on that line.

Cartmans Beefcake Wild is announced by Cartman shouting Beefcake at random and then a 33 block of wild symbols will appear for one spin. Potentially, you could end up with all 9 Wilds on screen but chances are the reels will stop in such a way that only 1 or 2 rows of wilds will show.

Then comes the Terrance and Philip wild. This bonus is triggered randomly and does actually come quite often. The Canadian duo appear and proceed to fart on a symbol in each row, usually in the middle columns, and turn them into wilds. The pair we're originally introduced to the TV show after South Park was criticized for being badly animated and having nothing but fart jokes.

Similar to the Terrance and Philip wild, the Hanky the Christmas Poo (that is the characters actual name!) Wild will also trigger randomly and with the grace that only a Christmas Poo could have, it will skid across 3 symbols turning them wild.

Ikes Kick the Baby Bonus Free Spins are the only free spin feature in the game. Activated when one of the 3 Bonus symbols is the Ike Bonus it gives you 10 free spins and a shot at a max win of roughly 37,500. If during the free spins the Ike wild appears, Ike gets kicked across the screen, bounces off a sign post and lands on one of the additional coin prizes or free spins.

Stan and Wendy feature in their own sticky wild bonus feature. Activated when the Wendy Bonus symbol appears, Stan and Wendy stand face to face while a sticky wild takes the middle row of the third column for 2 re-spins. From here, Stan will keep the wild sticky by, uhm, vomiting on it.

The last two bonus games are where the big money is. Kennys game of Dont Kill Kenny can net you up to around 69,500 by guiding him through the main street in South Park dodging obstacles, collecting coins and multipliers. We weren't too lucky when we got this bonus round and inevitably, they killed Kenny. It was great fun while it lasted and you get to keep all the coins you win along the way.

Cartmans Hippie Hunting Bonus Game, much like Cartman himself, is the favourite of them all. With the games biggest jackpot of 625,000 it's actually very simple. Just spray the fire extinguisher at a selection of different bushes and hope you don't hit the police officer. Each hippie you get wins you coins and the rocker with the old school stereo and it clears everything allowing you more chances at winning. Get the police officer twice though and the game ends.

This game is very feature heavy but it doesn't take away from the fact that this is still a very enjoyable slot game and most of the bonus features fit seamlessly into the spins. Some of the other bonus games do load a little slowly at times when on 3G but other than that the graphics and sounds are as crisp as on the web based version.

You should expect to get a good amount of small wins, the odd big win and mega win with the random wild bonus rounds and we even got ourselves a super mega win twice over the course of a few hours of play. Overall we like the game, it kept us going for a while and it remains fun the entire time. With the amount of features you're still coming across something new each time you came back and you will be coming back.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going on down to South Park to meet some friends of mine.

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