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We're growing on a whole one year when you consider that Sony and Microsoft each launched their contemporary video game consoles, the PlayStation four and the Xbox One. It truly is an excellent time to reevaluate wherein every console stands and how their respective sports lineups shake out.

Once they have been first launched, we gave the edge to the PS4 over the Xbox One. And at this element in time, the PS4 continues to be the proper element. As it continues to improve it's quality to everyday gadget firmware updates and a consistent movement of console-specific unbiased video games.

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To be honest: the PS4 and the Xbox One are very carefully matched. Each provides a developing library of birthday celebration video games just like the Call Of Responsibility, assassin's Creed and Madden collection, in addition to greater modern titles like destiny. Well, here we can see the specs of this latest PlayStation 4:

Specs Of PlayStation 4:

  • Storage Space: 500GB HDD
  • RAM: 8 GB GDDR5
  • CPU: x86-64 AMD Jaguar based on 8 cores
  • USB: USB 3.0
  • Optical Drive: BD, DVD
  • AV Output: HDMI & Digital Output
  • The above internals of PlayStation4 makes it more than a beast to enjoy realistic gaming and end-fun. Let's discuss something more about PlayStation 4

PlayStation Plus:

Compared with Xbox Live's Gold membership, PlayStation Plus nevertheless makes it out because the higher general fee. The instant activity series that come with the subscription may be performed throughout numerous PlayStation structures and the first-class of these titles has a tendency to be better. You need PlayStation Plus to play on-line, and it moreover offers discounts, exquisite betas and demos, cloud shop storage, pastime trials and automatic system updates.

PlayStation Plus is $50, 40 or AU$70 a year, while Xbox Live Gold is $60, 40 or AU$85 per year, even though you'll be capable of getting discounted vouchers from stores.


The PlayStation 4 has a bent to install video games faster than the Xbox One. There is additionally a few proof that multi-player games play higher and run in better resolutions than they do at the Xbox One. In a few times, the PS4 may additionally even play at a higher frame charge than the Xbox One. Packing the high-end hardware PS4 becomes more powerful than any other console on the market.

User-accessible HDD:

The PS4 ships with a 500GB 5,400 RPM hard disk drive, but users can easily swap it out for a 2.5-inch SATA drive with a larger capacity or a SSHD or SSD for potentially increased performance and more extra storage to have numerous number of games. The Xbox One, by comparison, doesn't allow user-upgradable hard drives.

Discussing all the above points and features, we get to know that PlayStation 4 is the ultimate choice to enjoy full gaming fun.

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