Assassins Creed Unity cinematic trailer E3 release

Firstly, the trailer is shown as being opened by an Eagle. This is just another reference to Connor. The Eagle symbolism is used many a times for Connor when he shape shifted in the DLC for Assassins Creed 3 and also when he had visions of flying and following Juno. It will be surprising to see how the French revolution period and the Assassins creed story line is integrated with each other. The fighting scenes look awesome, the mechanics used look a bit more refined than previous games and we can obviously expect a lot of other improvements this time around in the game play and the basic fighting mechanisms.

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One more thing to be noticed is that the crowd plays an important part. As French revolution marked the first time Democracy as we know it to come into existence, so it must be definitely an important factor. Which means that crowd utilization in the game would be even better than previous iterations.

Also we can see that the main protagonist has a few more Assassins with him, does that mean that Assassins Creed Brotherhood style team deployment is back in this version? This would be hard to tell right now. But we at Assassins Creed Fan page are waiting with a baited breath for this release to hit the markets. After all it's our favorite game!

The overall premise and plot shall be revealed further as time passes by. Till then bear with us!

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