Sims Medieval Patch 1.1 Free Download

Get this update so you can benefit from the latest improvements and in the same time a bug free gaming experience.

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In The Sims Medieval video game the player is able to control characters from all walks of life and to build up a medieval kingdom. Those characters are from all life aspects from Knights, Wizards, Queens, Kings, to Bards and Blacksmiths.

With the new The Sims Medieval free update the games gameplay gets dramatically improved, and you get a lot of new situations, new Quests. All that is left for you now is to click the download button and experience all the game improvements, new elements, and updates.

The Sims Medieval action is set in medieval times, and the player has to build a kingdom through quest-driven game play, offering you a fantastic world full of magic and action.

The Sims Medieval encourages the player to upgrade the kingdom, choosing the final objective for that kingdom and then accomplishing different quests and on the long run to achieve the goal. Complete your objective by using any method you consider fit including any type of specialists or heroes. The free The Sims Medieval game obviously is more dangerous for Sims, involving a higher level of failure and death during the games quests, and unlike past games, now you will see a an explicit beginning and end to the game.

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