Half-Life 2 - best selling and most critically acclaimed game of all time

Half-Life 2 is one of the best-selling and most critically-acclaimed games of all time. With 39 Game of the Year awards and the Game of the Decade Award, it is very well-known in gaming circles. It is a first-person shooter game similar to it's predecessor Half-Life in that it contains health and weapons systems, physics puzzles and is broken into chapters of game play.

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Despite a generally linear structure to the game, there is a lot of room for exploration, which can yield excellent results when it comes to finding new weapons or secrets helpful to the player throughout the game.

A number of different enemies are presented to the player in the Half-Life 2, each with specific strengths and weaknesses that must be taken into account if the player is to succeed. Most enemies can be killed directly with weaponry or with secondary items such as explosive canisters. During certain missions the player will receive allies to help in his quest, but these soldiers are easily killed and so must be taken care of.

Physics simulation, such as the ability to pick up and move objects, was a new feature introduced in Half-Life 2. The game features puzzles which require this approach instead of a simple shoot-em-up style. Objects that are being moved can be different shapes, sizes or weights, playing into certain puzzles during the game. This process is best represented by the use of the Gravity Gun, which the player receives half way into the game. This object allows the player to pull objects towards them or to push objects away.

The game never separates the player from their character through 3rd person cut scenes, maintaining a constant 1st person view throughout the game.

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